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Hey follower friends!

I’m going to be in Europe for three weeks from tomorrow with pretty limited internet access so this is the official hiatus notice!

See you all in three weeks or so, and have a wonderful summer!






YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

Hell Yes! 

I feel like this needs to be shared with a ton of people.


«Yo solía pensar que era la persona más extraña en el mundo, pero luego pensé, hay mucha gente así en el mundo, tiene que haber alguien como yo, que se sienta bizarra y dañada de la misma forma en que yo me siento. Me la imagino, e imagino que ella también debe estar por ahí pensando en mí. Bueno, yo espero que si tú estás por ahí y lees esto sepas que, sí, es verdad, yo estoy aquí, soy tan extraña como tú.»

I’m just as strange as you.


A brilliant metaphor



Welcome to my Dashboard Confessions

What you learned about John Stamos while deflowering him with Asks:

Find out more about this hunk-and-a-half and his new movie by following mymanisaloser


Thee weeks and great pleasure :-)



I think I need one of these!

Here is a link to the pattern.

0_0 See it’s projects like this that are the most dangerous because it starts with 1 and ends up with a drawer-full. 


Detroit Water and Sewerage Department put a halt to the 15-day water shut off that left thousands of families without water! SUCCESS! But the fight isn’t over. 

Our friends from Windsor stand with us in declaring water a human right. They are bringing water across the border to support Detroiters, who have had their water shut off.

Meet at the Spirit of Detroit statue in front of the Coleman A. Young Center at Woodward and Jefferson at 4pm. 

Rally with Detroit People’s Water Board & the Council of Canadians. Speakers include international water activist, Maude Barlow, and the director of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Maureen Taylor.

After the convoy arrives at the Spirit of Detroit, join the caravan as water is delivered to the People’s Water Station at St. Peter’s Church.

Click here for more details.





can we just talk about the biggest plot twist in doctor who history

Can we talk about how I’m still not over this plot twist.

you can see the realization in the doctor and martha’s eyes as they’re smiling and it dawns on them that Jack is going to become a giant face

Just one line and I lost my shit.

Descriptions are hard. :x
Let's take over the world instead.

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